Walter Mitty inspired me

Walter Mitty inspired me

The first time I watched the movie "Walter Mitty", I fell in love with the idea of going to Iceland.  I never really thought it was something I would do..... up until now.  We are actually headed to Iceland!!  My bags are packed...we are ready to go....  and if Iceland is as beautiful as the pictures and videos I have seen... I don't know if I will ever be back again!!!


We will be in Iceland for 4 days and we plan to explore as much as we can.  We want to be able to find the best way to see it in an affordable manner.  We know gasoline is like gold there!  Last time I checked it was $7.50/gallon!!!  WOW!  But I hope it will be worth it! 


Our plan is to drive the Golden Circle on the first day and then go from there. 


We will keep posting updates of our trip!

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