What is Fly Fishing?

  Fly fishing is a specialized method of angling that uses a lightweight artificial fly as bait to catch fish. Unlike traditional fishing, which typically involves using heavy lures or bait, fly fishing relies on a delicate presentation of the fly on the water's surface or just below it to entice fish to strike.

  Equipment: Fly fishing requires specific equipment designed to cast the lightweight fly effectively. The key components of fly fishing gear include:

  1. Fly Rod: A long, flexible rod designed to cast the lightweight fly line and deliver the fly accurately to the target area. We offer an add-on option to have your personal guide hand make a rod for you and your trip!

  2. Fly Reel: A reel with a spool to hold the fly line, which helps control the line's release and retrieve during casting and fishing.

  3. Fly Line: Specially designed weighted line, often made of braided or PVC-coated material, which carries the fly to the desired location.

  4. Leader and Tippet: A thin, transparent monofilament or fluorocarbon line that attaches to the end of the fly line, providing a nearly invisible connection between the fly and the fly line.

  5. Artificial Flies: Small, lightweight imitations of insects, baitfish, or other aquatic creatures that attract fish when presented skillfully on the water.