Havasupai Backpacking Favorites

Havasupai Backpacking Favorites

I recently hiked the Havasupai trail in Supai, Arizona.

This was my first multiple night backpacking trip & I was nervous knowing the temperatures at night were going to be below freezing!

Packing the right gear makes all the difference though. I thought I’d share some of mine.

Here are my top 5 backpacking gear/items that I’m so glad I brought with me!


1. Mummy sleeping bag.

Really glad I had the cold weather mummy sleeping bag because it traps in body heat really well! It got down to 26 degrees at night but you can’t tell when you’re in this thing!!

2. Headlamps.

I got a couple headlamps for this trip because they’re tiny & lightweight. I find it a lot more convenient having the light on my head rather than carrying around a flashlight or lantern!
The strap is also handy because I could hang it up in my tent for light.

3. Sleeping pad.

I’ve camped for 23 years of my life before discovering the beauty of a sleeping pad!! =D
This thing isn’t thicker than about an inch but makes you feel like you’re on a full air mattress! It’s crazy!! It was super easy to inflate & pack up. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone who like to be comfortable while tent camping.

4. Water shoes.

I really lucked out with my last minute Amazon water shoes! I went back and fourth wether I needed an extra pair of shoes, but I’m so glad I decided on these! They were a much needed break from my hiking boots & came in very handy for the hike & descent down to Mooney Falls. The grip on these things is great!

5. Work/gardening gloves.

People go back and fourth wether you need gloves for the descent down to Mooney Falls, but after doing it myself, I’d never do it without! The chains are wet, muddy & cold so having the grip from the gloves and being able to keep my hands warmer really helped. I personally would recommend having some.

I hope this helps some of you when you’re getting gear or preparing for your trek to Havasu or wherever it may be!
Happy Travels!!


Havasupai Backpacking Favorites
Havasupai Backpacking Favorites

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Thanks for the tips !
Headed there in a couple of weeks! So excited! Thanks for the tips!
Author: / Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 1:49PM