Hiking Preparation

Hiking Preparation

When you take a trip with us, chances are pretty high

that there will be some pretty cool hikes with pretty stellar views! But these aren’t all a walk in the 

park and it’s definitely best to go into a hike

feeling prepared. And trust me, you don’t need to live near the mountains to prepare to hike them. 
You can do that from anywhere!



So here are some ways to prepare that I find helpful…

First: Walk at least a mile everyday.

The hikes we tend to take can range anywhere between 1-8 miles. So if you can walk more than that, do it! 
But just start at a mile. Slowly increase your distance as you go. 
I remember taking so many walks before I went to Alaska… Even though I lived in flat Indiana at the time, that didn’t hold me back on the trail at all out in Alaska!


Second: RUN! Any distance you can do. 

Even if it’s only half a mile every few days…

Running will help build up your endurance and strengthen your lungs! Trust me on this one!


Third: Stretch!

One of the best things you can do for your muscles is to stretch them. To warm up & cool down. This will make those walks and those runs more comfortable.

Never forget to stretch!


Fourth: Invest in a hiking pack with a bladder/hydro-pack.

These things will keep you hydrated out on the trail because you can drink as you walk, so you won’t need all those breaks to get your bottle out. 

Fifth: Invest in a comfortable, supportive trail shoe or hiking boot.

You’ll be with these shoes for a good while so you wanna love them! I learned this the hard way… and trust me, you don’t wanna do that too!


Sixth (if you’re in a flat place preparing for mountains):

Go to a high school football stadium near you and run the bleachers. Up and down. Gradually increase with time. This is a good way to get those legs ready for the blessed up & down we love about hiking!

Your knees will thank you later…

If you’d rather do something in the gym, walk the treadmill at an incline and gradually increase that.

Either way works and will get your legs ready

for a beautiful trek in the great outdoors!


Seventh (if you’re near/have access to strenuous trails): Go out and take some hikes. Any mileage.

The practice will just make the other hikes a lot easier!



Hope you find this useful! I’ve learned a lot from trial & error so I thought this might be helpful.


Happy Trails!



Leave a comment  if you have any questions!

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