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007 Bungy | Verzasca Dam | 721 feet

007 Bungy | Verzasca Dam | 721 feet

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Height - 220 meters | 721 feet 

Platform- Verzasca Dam 

Perched on the edge of thrill and beauty, the GoldenEye Bungy at Verzasca Dam is an adrenaline masterpiece. Suspended over the turquoise depths of Lake Vogorno, this iconic bungee jump offers a heart-pounding freefall from the 220-meter high dam. As you take the leap, the breathtaking Swiss Alps provide a jaw-dropping backdrop. The Verzasca Dam, made famous by the James Bond film "GoldenEye," adds a cinematic touch to the experience. It's not just a leap; it's a plunge into the extraordinary, where the rush of the fall is matched only by the sheer natural splendor that surrounds you. The GoldenEye Bungy is an unforgettable fusion of daring adventure and unparalleled Swiss beauty.


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